Project Ploughshares
Building Peace, Preventing War

Our Mission

  • Educate ourselves and our communities on peace and justice issues.
  • Help Canadians understand how specific policy initiatives serve or undermine the pursuit of security.
  • Help Canadians consider new approaches to building peace and preventing war.
  • Promote alternative national defence policies, arms control, and nuclear disarmament.


  • Peaceful resolution of political conflict is possible when justice and equality become the basis of decision-making for people, institutions, and governments.
  • Canada’s historical commitment to peacekeeping roles is an honourable one.
  • Though conflict is inevitable, violent responses to conflict are not.
  • Non-violent responses are effective and valued by many.
  • When it comes to building security, development projects are superior to military interventions.

    Download a FREE copy of Dimensions of War and Peace, an educational teaching unit for grade ten students completed for Project Ploughshares by the John Humphrey Centre.

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